Cenamelize vs. Anodize

About Our Cenamelize Architectural Metal Finishing Product

At Certified Enameling, Inc., we have been setting the standard for customer service, quality of work and turnaround time since 1953. As a result of our commitment to providing our customers with the very best in materials and workmanship, we have developed a proprietary two-coat architectural metal finishing product for architectural coating and finishing. The coating, known as Cenamelize, is a radiant fluorocarbon aluminum finish that meets or exceeds American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 605.2 standards and comes with a warranty on the coating and workmanship. Specifically, it is a 70% Kynar® / Hylar coating that comes in a wide range of different colors and texture coatings. While approximately the same cost of Class 1 aluminum anodized finishes, Cenamelize offers a number of advantages, including the following:

Cenamelize vs. Anodize

  • Initial
  • Selection
  • Future Match
  • Custom Match
  • Unlimited
  • Perfect
  • Variable
  • Limited
  • Can be Difficult
  • Impact
  • Weathering
  • Chemical
  • Salt Spray
  • Abrasion
  • Will NOT Crack
  • Unaffected
  • No Effect
  • Best of All Coatings
  • Higher Coefficient
  • Cracks
  • Pits
  • Alkali Deteriorates
  • Poor Resistance
  • Poor Against Sand
  • Dirt Adherence
  • Repairability
  • Cleaning
  • Warranty
  • Unaffected
  • No Effect
  • Best of All Coatings
  • Higher Coefficient
  • Dirt Embeds
  • Hard to Conceal
  • Special Procedures
  • None Available

Why anodize when you can Cenamelize?

Considering the longevity, consistent color stability between various alloys, reparability, and future color matching available with Cenamelize - along with the economics of similar pricing to class 1 anodizing - we believe you should Cenamelize, not anodize. Why choose an inferior product when for the same price you can give yourself the flexibility of design and the longevity that Cenamelize has to offer? Even when there are problems with a Cenamelize architectural metal finishing, you are able to perform any necessary repairs in the field, minimizing the delay and disruption involved in fixing the finish. Furthermore, Cenamelize is resistant to graffiti, meaning that you can have confidence that your property will remain free from unsightly blemishes and vandalism.

Cenamelize Offers Endless Color and Texture Options

Cenamelize offers custom color matching, something that simply is not possible with anodizing. Your choice of colors with anodizing is highly limited, and it can be a considerable challenge to ensure that the colors come out how you expected and hoped. With Cenamelizing, you can choose virtually any color for which a pigment is available. Beyond solid colors, it is also possible to select any one of a wide variety of texture coats, including marble finish, granite, vein finish, stucco, and more. We are proud of the fact that Cenamelize enables us to meet our customers' exacting specifications at a minimum expense. To learn more about Cenamelize and request a quote and a sample, contact us today.

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