In-House Custom Color Matching

Get the Perfect Color for Your Architectural Project

Architects and builders often need a certain color in order to meet design specifications or to satisfy the expectations of a client, but frequently cannot find that color in the available selections from architectural metal finishing manufacturers. This lack of options can pose a serious problem. Color is among the most important features of an architectural design, since it is one of the first things that a person will notice about a building; it can create a striking and aesthetic impression, or it can make the building look drab or unpleasant. At Certified Enameling, Inc., we recognize the necessity of getting the color exactly right for your project, whether it is for a small part, a skylight, an extrusion, coping, break shapes, panel work, column covers, curtain walls, sun rooms, doors, perforated panels, windows, a metal roof, or any other feature. To meet this need, we have drawn from our years of experience and acquired technology necessary to offer in-house custom color-matching services to all of our customers.

Reducing Cost & Lead Time with In-House Color Matching

Custom color matching is available through many architectural metal finishing companies, but not all of them provide it as an in-house service. Why is this important? It all has to do with the bottom line and turnaround time. When a coating applicator has to send a request for custom color matching to the manufacturer, this can increase the lead time by several weeks or more. Furthermore, such a service can be quite costly. With our own in-house color-matching system, we do not have to call on anyone else to get the job done and can meet your needs with a minimum of delay. In fact, our turnaround time normally runs only two or three days.

We have a wide selection of approved coatings and do all of our own work in our in-house paint room using a variety of different chrome and chrome-free pretreatments. Our customers receive the benefits of the same process application, including chrome pretreatment when ordered, and we go to great lengths to ensure color consistency and stability in every project. When using Kynar 500 or our proprietary Cenamelize shop-applied coating product, we are able to match virtually any color for which a pigment is available. With Cenamelize, we can also accommodate any color combination with virtually any texture coat, including marble, granite, vein, stucco and other finishes. Furthermore, we can perform an easy color match in the future when repairs are necessary or if you are planning an expansion of the same building and want to ensure color consistency. To learn more about our custom color-matching services and to get started on your project, contact us now to request a quote.

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