Our Green Footprint

Committed to Environmentally Friendly Practices

Certified Enameling, Inc. recently received a letter from the Office of the Mayor of Los Angeles. In the letter, we were notified of the fact that we had been selected for an award and recognition from the city's Industrial Waste Management Division. We were one of only nine facilities in all of Los Angeles to be chosen for the Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment and Discharge Standards Compliance Award and Recognition. The award was the city's way of thanking us for demonstrating "outstanding compliance" with the regulations for handling hazardous wastewater.

Minimizing Our Carbon Footprint

Our experience in being recognized by the city is only one example of how committed we are to following environmentally friendly practices in our work at Certified Enameling, Inc. Recently, we were featured in promotional materials published by the local electricity utility. The story described our close collaboration with the utility company in looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. With the help of the power company, we designed a custom system for our ovens, with the result that we were able to reduce our electricity bills and dramatically reduce the environmental impact of our energy consumption.

We are known throughout the industry as having a remarkably swift turnaround time, but we do not cut corners or look for easy solutions at the expense of the environment. In addition to taking the necessary measures to avoid leaving a carbon footprint that is any larger than necessary, we also use metal finishing products that are minimally toxic and have as little environmental impact as possible.

Low-VOC Architectural Metal Finishing Products

We frequently recommend that our customers use powder coating; as a dry coat that does not require any evaporation, powder coating releases minimal or zero volatile organic compounds (VOC). Other common low-VOC products include epoxy primers and polyurethane coating. If you are looking for a metal finishing applicator that is just as committed to environmentally friendly practices as you are, choose Certified Enameling, Inc.

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