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With over 60 years of continuous service in the architectural metal finishing industry, the team at Certified Enameling, Inc. has an extensive range of experience in the various types of services involved in this line of work. Unlike many architectural metal finishing applicators, we do not specialize in only one specific type of project.

Our capabilities are virtually endless, and we can process anything from small parts to skylights, extrusions, break shapes, panel work, metal roofs, column covers, curtain walls, sun rooms, doors, windows, and more. We carefully inventory every item we receive to ensure that at the end of the process you get back everything that you need to move forward with your project.

Further Information About Our Services

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Kynar® Coating
Kynar is widely considered to be the leader in the architectural metal finishing industry. It is a polyvinylidene fluoride coating used for a wide variety of metal finishing purposes. The Kynar 500® resin is frequently used as a colorful finish for metal buildings including metal curtain walls, aluminum extrusions, storefronts and other architectural features.

Powder Coating
Powder coating is widely popular for many reasons, one of which being that, as a dry-coat application, it does not require any period of drying during which volatile organic compounds (VOC) would be released into the environment. Powder-coated surfaces have a thick barrier and powerful protection against damage.

Epoxy Priming
An epoxy primer offers the benefits of outstanding adhesive properties for a wide variety of metal surfaces ranging from architectural features to institutional finishes and military applications. Epoxy priming has excellent resistance to corrosion, as well as being able to seal the surface and prevent damage.

Polyurethane Coating
Metal finishings consisting of polyurethane are in wide use and are valued for their ability to create a number of different appearances, such as high-gloss, semi-gloss, pearl, satin, eggshell and matte finishes. It is applied in a thin film and is known for having outstanding characteristics of weather resistance as well as resistance to corrosion, abrasion and chemical exposure in industrial settings.

Two-Tone Application
For a more striking appearance, many architects and designers choose two-tone color applications for their architectural metal finishing. Two-tone application requires special techniques to ensure that the final outcome is just right, as well as to avoid causing damage to one of the paints when applying and curing the other.

We build custom grates upon customer request. Custom grating can be useful for panels, grilles, louvers and many other applications. Custom grates protect your job during shipping and loading on to the job site. Ask us about custom grating for your job today.

PVC Application
The application of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as a coating on wire mesh and similar materials creates a powerful barrier against abrasion and corrosion without the risk of stripping or peeling. PVC-coated wire can be expected to last significantly longer than uncoated wire. Common uses include balcony and walkway railing, as well as purely decorative installations.

In many cases, our clients ask us to treat an item with a uniform metal finishing product. Other times, however, the customer prefers to leave a certain area of the object untreated, or to apply two or more different coatings to the same item. When this is the case, we employ masking techniques to guard the area against exposure and to ensure the desired result.

Metal Finishing
Through the application of architectural metal finishing products, it is possible to entirely change the appearance of a metal surface, creating a far more aesthetic and eye-catching look for a building. Metal finishing also serves to protect the surface from corrosion, abrasion and other types of damage, thereby extending the life of the feature.

In addition to applying a wide variety of different types of metal finishing products, we can also install rubber gaskets in the door frames and window frames that we treat. Well-installed gaskets can create an air barrier to preserve a climate-controlled indoor environment, as well as serving to create a sound barrier.

Jitterbug & Hand Preparation
An orbital sander that spins at a rate of thousands of revolutions per minute can create a jitterbug finish on a metal surface. Jitterbug finishes greatly increase the exposed surface area of the finish, since the sides of the miniscule grooves from sanding now constitute part of the surface. This technique is only one of the hand preparation steps that we take to ensure the best possible results on our projects.

Sand Blasting
We frequently use sand blasting as a step in the pretreatment procedure prior to applying any type of architectural metal finishing. Sand blasting is effective for removing dust and other types of corrosion or accumulated dirt, exposing a fresh layer of metal surface that is ideally suited to receive the metal finishing product.

Chrome Phosphate Pretreatment
Chrome phosphate is the most time-tested system for pretreatment of architectural aluminum products. This is especially true for buildings that are located along the seacoast and in industrial environments where they are exposed to harsh chemicals. Chrome phosphate offers outstanding qualities of adhesion, film integrity and flexibility for the metal finishing layer.

Alodine / Chem Film
Chem Film, which is also frequently referred to as alodine, is a chemical conversion coating product. It is used for the purpose of passivating aluminum surfaces, both to protect the metal from corrosion and to prepare it as a base for certain types of architectural metal finishing. This process does not affect the dimensions of the item being treated and is achieved through methods including spraying, dipping or brushing.

Fastener / Stiffener Installation
One of the many services that we provide is to install fasteners and stiffeners on our clients' projects when specially requested to do so. By installing such components, we can contribute to the strength and stability of architectural panels or other types of building elements.

Marine Finishes
Metal exposed to sea spray and saltwater is at risk of suffering rapid and severe corrosion. Any metal features installed on a vessel, on dockyards or anywhere else by the seaside require proper metal finishing to protect them against the ravages of the environment, preserve aesthetic appearance, and avoid costly replacements and serious breakdowns.

Custom Color Matching
Unlike many metal finishing applicators, we offer in-house custom color-matching services. This means that you can get virtually any color for your architectural metal finishing when you work with us, and you will not have to wait through the costly delays associated with ordering custom color formulations from the manufacturer.

What SetsCertified Enameling, Inc. Apart

Perhaps the single greatest reason to choose Certified Enameling, Inc. over the competition is the fact that we have the fastest turnaround time in the business. On jobs that normally take a full week or longer for our competitors, we are typically able to complete the project with a lead time of only two or three days. We do this without making any sacrifices to the quality, and in fact we are known for the high quality of our work.

Furthermore, we have a reputation for being innovators in the industry, including the development of Cenamelize, our own proprietary metal finishing product, and for our cutting-edge work in minimizing hazardous waste water and maintaining a commitment to green building practices. To learn more about our services and request a quote, contact us now and speak with one of our experienced staff members.

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