Window and Door Frame Gaskets

In addition to applying a wide variety of different types of architectural metal finishing products, the crew at Certified Enameling, Inc. also installs gasketing on certain types of projects when our clients request this service. Some common situations for which we are requested to install gaskets include applying coating to aluminum window frames and door frames, as well as working on other types of residential and commercial building components.

Gaskets are used to create an airtight seal to keep the elements out, hold climate-controlled air inside, and thereby keep energy utility bills at a minimum. Gasketing also serves to prevent seepage and moisture from creeping into the building. The installation of gaskets can additionally create an acoustic barrier to block outside noise, keep out the noise of machinery and equipment, or create a closed environment for recordings or performance.

Gaskets for Industrial Applications

Another common use of gaskets is in industrial, marine and military applications. Gaskets can be used to create a "perfect seal" between components that would not otherwise perfectly mate, such as between mechanical elements or at the joints between sections of pipeline. In such applications, the purpose of the gasket is normally to seal the joints in order to keep gas or liquid in or out. For these kinds of environments, gaskets can play a crucial role in ensuring the ongoing safety and efficiency of equipment and machinery.

The gasket compresses and expands according to the shape of the surrounding metal, shifting to fill the gaps in order to block the passage of air and moisture. The gasket may be made of rubber, silicone, Teflon, plastic or other materials. Metal and other ridged materials are also used as gaskets, but in many situations it is preferable to use a more pliable and expansive material in order to fill the gaps and respond to changing conditions. It may be an adhesive gasket that is applied to one of the surfaces, or an anaerobic gasket that can cure without exposure to air after being applied as a gel prior to the joining of the elements.

Learn More About Your Options for Gasketing

When choosing a product for gasketing, it is important to find the right material for your project. For example, industrial gaskets must be manufactured in order to meet rigid specifications to avoid blowout or degradation from temperature or pressure. With decades of industry experience, we can help you review all of your options in order to select the most suitable gasket product for your project. Call our office now or request a quote online to learn more about gasketing and the services that we provide.

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