Marine Metal Finishing

Coatings to Keep Naval Metal Surfaces Strong

Metal surfaces have a tendency to degrade over time, given their constant exposure to the elements. Even in the most favorable environments, moisture and the atmosphere take their toll in terms of oxidization, in addition to the damage caused by dents, abrasions and impacts. Perhaps the most hostile environment for metal components, however, is to be found by the seaside and on the open waters. Salt water is extraordinarily corrosive because it is far more conductive and susceptible to the presence of chloride ions that can penetrate through the surface of the metal. As electrons are stripped from the atoms comprising the metal, the substance degrades. This process occurs especially quickly when there are two different types of metals in contact, a situation which is essentially a battery with rapid electrical flow.

Located in Los Angeles, a city that is host to two of the busiest ports in the world, Certified Enameling, Inc. has extensive experience with the application of marine finishes. We offer a range of metal finishings that are especially well suited to the marine environment and have the skill and experience that comes with having been in continuous operation for over 60 years. Whether your project involves a ship or if you are building structures for the docks, we can help.

Types of Metal Finishes for Marine Application

When you contact us to discuss your project, we take the time to review your requirements and help you choose the products and services that are best suited to the job. For example, you may be interested in an anti-graffiti coating or in a coating that will meet military specifications. We can help you make a selection based on whether you are primarily interested in a functional metal finishing or if you need a finish that also offers aesthetic and decorative qualities including colors, textures and gloss. Furthermore, we can advise you of the actions that may be necessary to maintain a warranty, such as biannual sweet water rinses or avoiding the use of certain types of cleaning agents.

The type of coating that is right for your project depends heavily on the environmental conditions that the metal will face. Fluoropolymers, including PVDF architectural metal finishing such as Kynar® and Cenamelize, have outstanding anti-fouling properties, since they serve to counteract the adhesive substances used by marine fouling organisms to stick to a hull or other structure. Epoxy primers are valued for their enormous durability, but require an overcoat of polyurethane or a similar substance in order to protect against UV radiation. Other products, such as PVC coating for pipes and wires, and chem film / Alodine for aluminum surfaces, may be necessary for certain applications. Learn more about what we have to offer and get started on your project now by requesting a quote from or staff.

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