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When it comes to a two-coat aluminum finish, nothing beats our proprietary Cenamelize product. Certified Enameling, Inc. developed Cenamelize many years ago based on our decades of experience in the architectural metal finishing industry. Cenamelize is highly affordable, costing approximately the same amount as anodizing, while offering several major advantages. These benefits include custom color matching, considerable resistance to corrosion from exposure to the elements and UV radiation, and durability in terms of avoiding damage such as chips, pits and cracks.

Cenamelize Architectural Metal Finishing Warranty Lasts Up to 20 Years

We are so confident in our Cenamelize product that we offer up to 20 years of warranty on this type of architectural metal finishing. We stand behind our product. This warranty is not available on anodized metal finishing services, but it does apply to any texture coat that we apply using Cenamelize. In most cases, you can expect that the coating will last significantly longer than the 20-year period. In the event that something does happen while the warranty is still in force, we will be ready to correct the problem.

Notes Concerning the Certified Enameling, Inc. Warranty

It is important to note that shop-applied coating warranties are subject to the particular manufacturer's provisions and specification requirements, and they must be agreed upon prior to bidding. In addition to our warranty on our Cenamelize coating, we also guarantee our workmanship as it relates to the application process. No warranty will be provided for any steel coatings or for previously finished material. It is the customer's responsibility to inform us at the time of bidding as to the type of metal being sent for processing. Warranties are provided for mill finish aluminum only.

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