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Since 1953, Certified Enameling, Inc. has been setting the standard for service, quality and turnaround time. With more than half a century of history working in the architectural metal finishing industry, we have established ourselves as being among the leaders in the field. Our preeminence in the industry is due in large part to the fact that we have an incredibly fast turnaround time, completing projects in only two or three days at our facility that take most of our competitors a full week or more to finish. In addition to the quality of our equipment and our processes, our success depends on the skill and dedication of our employees. Our employees have extensive experience and training in metal finishing services, and contribute their efforts to the goal of providing our customers with the best results available in the industry. Some of the staff members you'll likely speak with regarding your own project include:

Working to Exceed Customer Expectations

Our team includes trained Kynar® coating applicators and staff who are trained in powder coating, epoxy priming, polyurethane coating and other types of architectural finish techniques. We have also developed a proprietary fluoropolymer known as Cenamelize, a coating available at approximately the same cost as anodizing that offers superior durability, longevity, color-matching options and color stability. Qualified personnel supervise every stage of the production process, from loading through pretreatment coating, baking, inspection and plastic wrapping for shipment. Although each staff member has a specific job, we all work with the common purpose of satisfying and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

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Certified Enameling, Inc. - Architectural Metal Finishing
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