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Kynar® Architectural Metal Finishing

Kynar® Coatings: One of Our Most Popular Products

At Certified Enameling, Inc., we use a wide range of products for our nationwide architectural metal finishing work. Out of all of the products we offer, Kynar® architectural metal finishing is one of the most popular.

What is Kynar Metal Finishing?

It is a metal finishing that contains polyvinylidine fluoride or polyvinylidine diflouride. It is a nonreactive substance and is thermoplastic. The fact that it is thermoplastic means that it becomes pliable when heated above a specific temperature and then, upon cooling, will return to a solid consistency.

Kynar 500® PVDF

Kynar 500® PVDF resin is one of the most widely used metal finishing products for construction projects.

It is a popular choice because it carries the following characteristics:

  • Gloss retention
  • Durability
  • Versatility

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Coating Mixtures with 70% Kynar® - The Optimal Amount

When our customers choose this product, we use a 70% Kynar® mixture, since 70% is commonly accepted as being the optimum mixture in terms of achieving qualities such as:

  • Mechanical reinforcement
  • Barrier properties
  • Glossiness
  • Resistance to humidity

50% Kynar® Coating

Lower ratios, such as a 50% Kynar® coating, are found to be more brittle and have less resistance to:

  • Chipping
  • Color degradation
  • And other types of damage

Architects and builders who have experience in the industry know that a 70% Kynar® mix is one of the coatings most likely to stand up to the tests of time and the ravages of nature. If you want a premium coating for your building or architectural features to ensure that the project looks great and requires minimal maintenance, this may be the right option for you.

To learn more about our Kynar Coating services, contact us at (323) 264-4403.

What Are Ideal Applications for Kynar® Architectural Metal Finishing?

This premier architectural metal finishing is generally used when the builders want to give the structure a bold and eye-catching colorful appearance that will set it apart from the rest.

Our team can apply Kynar® metal finishing for various building projects, some of which include:

  • Aluminum extrusions
  • Storefronts
  • Airports
  • Malls
  • Churches
  • Office buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Skyscrapers & industrial buildings: metal curtain walls

We can apply it on all types of trim, such as:

  • Architectural panels
  • Roofs
  • Window frames
  • Door frames
  • Siding
  • Roofs

To get started with Our Kynar® Metal Finishing services, call (323) 264-4403 or cotnact us online today.

What Are the Benefits of Metal Siding with Kynar® Metal Finishing?

At Certified Enameling, Inc., we offer the optimal metal coating mixture with Kynar®, and can use it to protect the metal siding of your structures.

From something as small as a single-story building to an impressive skyscraper, when our Kynar® mixture is used to finish metal sidings, it can provide multiple benefits, such as:

  • Weather resistance
  • Resistance to humidity and mildew
  • Hardening against damage and dents
  • Improved building insulation
  • Retained glossiness
  • Professional appearance

We can also create a Kynar® metal siding mixture with metal finishing paint, allowing us to create a material of nearly any color. This allows you to choose virtually any portion of your structure to be protected by a strong, durable coating without losing the integrity of the design and maintaining a lustrous color finish.

Color Options for Kynar® Coating

Kynar® coating is available in a range of colors, textures and levels of glossiness through the various trademark licensees. O

Kynar color options include:

  • Standard colors
  • Exotics
  • An XL barrier coat
  • And micas

Kynar® is pure, strong and highly resistant to solvents, acids, bases and heat, making it ideal for many different applications.

Protection That’s Good for the Environment

Product sustainability is continuing to grow in importance as the world focuses more and more on environmental impact and responsible business practices. Every little bit a company or an individual does to reduce the size of their "footprint" – or how much damage or degradation the ecosystem suffers due to an action – matters, from recycling materials to eco-conscious disposal of wastes.

However, one of the best ways to reduce environmental impact is to control energy consumption, particularly the energy expended to cool or heat a structure's atmosphere. With Kynar 500® PVDF coating added to metal rooftops, the hot, harmful rays of the sun are reflected far more effectively than surfaces without the coating, upwards of 70% more efficient.

Establishments that have a Kynar 500® PVDF coating applied to their metal rooftops can expect an average of 40% cooling cost reduction, all due to the coating pushing more heat away from the interior of the building. Additionally, with its unrivaled durability, Kynar® coats require far less maintenance than similar products.

Good for the environment and good for the consumer's checkbook, the sustainability of Kynar® metal coating is the future of metal rooftops.

If you'd like to turn your hot roof into a "cool roof," contact us at (323) 264-4403 to discuss metal coating options with one of our helpful staff members at Certified Enameling, Inc. now.

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