Masking in Architectural Metal Finishing Applications

Why Masking Is Important

In many cases, the projects that our customers bring to Certified Enameling, Inc. require that we take special care to ensure that the architectural metal finishing we apply does not cover the entire object. Very often, the reason is that the customer needs to keep certain areas of the item uncoated in order to maintain the exact dimensions of the object. For example, the manufacturer or machinist may not have taken into account the eventuality that the item would have to be treated with a protective or decorative architectural metal finishing, with the result that applying a coating would throw off the specifications of the item.

When this is the case, it is typically necessary to use masking to protect threaded holes, dowel pin holes, and contact points or areas that are required to maintain maximum electrical conductivity. Another common situation that calls for masking is when a substrate consists of two or more types of metal and will therefore require different types of coating products for optimum bonding and durability. One of the most typical reasons for using masking is when the architect or builder needs a metal feature to receive a two-tone application for decorative and aesthetic purposes.

We Choose the Right Masking Material for Your Project

A variety of materials may be used for masking in metal finishing applications, each one of which is best suited for a certain type of situation. These include, but are not limited to, tapes, liquid masking chemicals, water-based pastes, curable resins, dots, pull plugs, silicone caps and screws. The use of masking materials requires skill and careful discernment on the part of the technician in order to ensure the best possible results by applying the masking with a high degree of accuracy.

This type of job can be especially challenging when masking a polished surface, since the lack of texture may lead to the masking material peeling off at the edges and corners, thereby raising the risk of bleeding or spray. Similarly, masking plugs are prone to leak or even fall out when not applied and monitored properly. Find out more about how we use masking and ensure the highest quality standards in our clients' projects and request a quote now by contacting us to speak with our staff.

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