Powder Coating

Explanation of Powder Coating

Powder coating is an increasingly popular technique for architectural metal finishing, one that is highly valued for the fact that it creates a thick and durable layer of protection for a metal surface. It works by applying an electrostatic charge to the surface of the metal item that is to be coated. The surface is then blasted with small particles of the material, normally a thermoplastic or thermoset polymer. Thanks to the electric charge of the metal, the dry powder material is attracted to the surface, forming a powerful bond. We then bake the item in one of our ovens to cure the surface in order to make it as strong as possible. The result is a metal finishing that is among the most durable and scratch resistant available.

Benefits of Powder Coating

In many ways, powder coating has several major advantages over other types of metal finishing, including Kynar®, liquid paint, and anodizing. It is nearly impervious to scratches, chipping and other types of damage. It also boasts outstanding gloss retention, as well as protection against the elements. Furthermore, powder coating is available in a nearly unlimited range of colors, finishes, glosses and textures, including the popular hammer tone finish. It can be applied to any one of a wide range of architectural materials, including column covers, curtain walls, sheets, sun rooms, formed paneling, extrusions, ornamental metals, skylights, automatic doors, composite paneling, formed windows, vents, louvers and sunshades, among others.

Powder Coating Is Environmentally Friendly

Another significant benefit of powder coating when compared with other metal finishing products is the fact that powder does not require any drying process before it is complete. Consequently, powder coating does not release volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere, making it an environmentally friendly procedure. Additionally, nearly all of the spray can be recycled in order to recapture unused powder, so it is possible to minimize waste of the material. If you are interested in powder coating and want service from a metal finishing applicator with one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, contact Certified Enameling, Inc. to request a quote and to learn more.

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