What is Kynar Metal Finishing & Why Should I Use It?

When a building looks beautiful, it should be kept that way through careful preservation. When it comes to metal accents and structures, one of the best ways to protect it from natural weathering and unexpected damage is to apply a coat of Kynar architectural metal finishing. In fact, this is one of the most popular ways to maintain metal sidings out there.

What is Kynar Metal Coating?

Kynar coating is a chemical resistant used as metal finishing. To get technical, Kynar consists of polyvinylidene fluoride or polyvinylidene difluoride, usually referred to as PVDF in the construction, industrial, and architectural industries. The important thing to know about this substance is that it is a nonreactive, highly pure fluoropolymer that is also thermoplastic. If that still sounds too scientific – which it very well might for even veterans of the scene – it means, in layman's terms, that it becomes pliable when it is heated above a certain temperature, only to return to a solid, durable state upon cooling.

Popular Uses of Kynar Coating

Due to its popularity, Kynar coating has been used on metal curtain walls for massive towers, right down to aluminum storefronts for smaller locations. It is widely used on roof panels and standing seams on metal roofs. It has even been featured on metal accents at airports, churches, and sports stadiums. Basically, if you have seen a nice-looking building with metal finishing on it somewhere, it probably has Kynar protecting those spots.

Kynar Sounds Great! But Why Should I Use It?

Just because something is popular doesn't mean it is necessarily a good choice. Luckily, in Kynar metal finishing's case, it happens to be both popular and outstanding. Other than being incredibly durable, Kynar is well-known for its gloss retention, meaning it will continue shimmering and glimmering in the midday sun for years after it was first applied. It also has a high resistance to humidity, so it can be used with confidence in just about any environment.

Perhaps more notable than any of the other distinct advantages of Kynar metal finishing is the fact that it can be created in a variety of colors and textures. You are not limited to just one option, as one might expect from something so powerful. Instead, you can let your creative vision grow unrestricted. Do you want that metal accent to be red? You got it. What about wavy, too? No problem. Kynar can do all that while protecting your finished structure from the elements.

If you are working on a construction, industrial, or architectural project that requires Kynar metal finishing, contact Certified Enameling, Inc. today to learn about how we can help you with top-drawer services offered at competitive prices. Request your quote – or even request a sample – now.