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Glenn Ziegel


CEO Glenn Ziegel was born in Brooklyn, New York. During his college years, he moved to California and attended California State University, Northridge (CSUN). While building up Certified Enameling, Inc. to the national success that it is today, Glenn simultaneously focused on attending night classes at CSUN. He graduated from the public university in 1975 with a Bachelor's degree in Business.

Innovator & Inventor

Glenn is the inventor of the Cenamelize process, which he created because he saw the need for repairs in the field. Cenamelize is used for better color matching, better performance in harsh weather conditions, and field repairs. Compared to competing services such as anodizing, Cenamelize metal finishing is a far superior product that lasts longer and is available for approximately the same price as anodizing. Offering products that are not subpar is a testament to Mr. Ziegel's commitment to delivering the best possible service to his clients.

Meeting Customer Expectations Since 1953

To Glenn, quality of service is the central focus of any job. Though quick turnover rates are something we pride ourselves on, producing a quality product is of the highest priority. With a vast array of custom color-matching services, touch-up capabilities, and proven extended-life warranties, you can rest assured that the services from Certified Enameling, Inc. are top-notch and are unparalleled in the metal finishing industry. It's the type of service our customers have come to expect and it's what distinguishes us from the competition!

Today, Glenn enjoys the well-earned fruits of years of hard work and dedication. He is happily married to Vicki, his wife of 40 years. They have two daughters, Ari and Jaime. In his free time, Glenn enjoys driving, boating, camping, and playing with his grandchildren.

Since 1953, Certified Enameling, Inc. has been providing service to clients in the architectural and commercial markets. We are recognized as leaders in the field of architectural finishes and coatings. Certified Enameling, Inc. stands alone in terms of our work quality, our exceptional customer service, and our unparalleled turnaround time. We have set the standard for service in the metal finishing industry and would not have been able to do so without the entrepreneurial vision of founding CEO, Glenn Ziegel.

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