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Scott O'Connell

Sales Manager

Sales manager Scott O'Connell was born in Pasadena, California. Scott has 33 years of experience in the metal finishing industry and has worked in metal extrusion. Specifically, Mr. O'Connell has 18 years of dedicated service with Certified Enameling, Inc.

Pledge to Customer Dedication

True leadership in our industry does not just come with superior products. Our preeminence in the industry is due largely in part to the fact that our employees are dedicated to the needs and goals of our customers. Sales Manager Scott O'Connell takes great pride in getting to know each customer intimately. Taking the time to truly care for and understand the customer's needs is an act that goes largely underappreciated in our industry, but once customers sense that our employees genuinely strive to meet customer expectations, they will immediately know the difference between our services and other services that are subpar.

Commitment to Excellence

In an industry where many managers may try to earn the extra dollar, Scott places his top concern in meeting the customer's demands, needs, and requests. Scott can be trusted to meet quick deadlines and take into account your project concerns and provide effective and satisfactory solutions. As a sales manager, it is also Scott's duty to ensure that the sales process runs as smoothly as possible.

By taking great care in ensuring that the delivery is made right the first time and every time, customers know that Scott can be trusted time and time again. Scott's commitment to excellence is what distinguishes us and sets us apart from the competition.

In his personal life, Scott is happily married to his wife of 33 years and has two daughters. In his free time away from the company, Scott loves to play softball, basketball, and racquetball. He also enjoys watching the MLB, and the NFL, and is a proud fan of the San Diego Padres, the San Diego Chargers, and the Los Angeles Lakers.

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At Certified Enameling, Inc., we have over half a century of exceptional service in the metal finishing industry. We are recognized as leaders in the industry, and take great pride in servicing our customers quickly and efficiently. Over the past years, our dedication to exceptional customer service and high-quality performance has allowed us to rise above the competition and truly distinguish us as the metal finishing professionals to trust across the U.S. and internationally. We take our work seriously, and in addition to efficient services and standards, our true performance hinges on dedicated and skilled leaders, such as Sales Manager Scott O'Connell.