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Why Hire? Setting the standard for service, quality, and turnaround time since 1953.

Why Hire Certified Enameling, Inc.?

Setting the Standard in the Architectural Metal Finishing Industry Since 1953

When you are looking for an architectural metal finishing applicator, you have a wide variety of companies from which to choose. There are many companies in the metal finishing industry, most of which are capable of doing an adequate job on your project, so why should you choose Certified Enameling, Inc.? We have been setting the standard for service, quality and turnaround time in the field of architectural metal finishing since 1953, and are moving into the future with an ongoing commitment to excellence.

Fastest Turnaround Time in the Architectural Metal Finishing Industry

One of the best reasons to choose Certified Enameling, Inc. is our turnaround time. In most of our projects, we run a lead time of only two to three days. As a point of comparison, most of our competitors take one to three weeks to complete the same types of jobs. We are able to achieve such an outstanding turnaround time thanks to the fact that we have two fully automated paint lines and a highly trained staff.

Ensuring Quality in Every Job

Every project we take on is run through a tightly controlled production process, with continuous monitoring by qualified personnel throughout all phases of work, from loading through pretreatment coating, baking, inspection, and plastic wrapping for shipment. If we discover even a minor blemish or inconsistency in color, we send the item back for recoating to ensure the best possible results. We are known for our rapid service and have a reputation for delivering high-quality finished products. Moreover, we are committed to green-building practices and are an industry leader in minimizing hazardous waste water.

In-House Custom Color-Matching Services

We also offer the flexibility that comes with having an in-house paint room that provides custom color-matching capabilities. We can interpret virtually any color combination, whether you want simple solid colors, more exotic color selections, or a texture coat such as marble, granite, vein, stucco or some other type of finish. Our color applications are available in both chrome and chrome-free pretreatments. With our in-house color matching, we can apply nearly any color for which a pigment is available.

Cenamelize - Our Proprietary Architectural Metal Finishing Product

Another major advantage of hiring Certified Enameling, Inc. is that we have developed a proprietary architectural metal finishing product known as Cenamelize. Available at a similar price as anodizing, Cenamelize offers several major advantages, such as being far more durable and easier to repair. We developed Cenamelize based on our decades of experience working with different types of products and surfaces, and it is very popular with customers who want the best possible appearance while minimizing costs.

Contact Us to Get Started on Your Project

Our capabilities when using Cenamelize and other products are virtually endless, and we can process anything from small parts to skylights, extrusions, break shapes, panel work, column covers, curtain walls, sun rooms, doors, windows and more. You can choose from our proprietary coating product or other coatings including Kynar®, powder coating, epoxy priming, polyurethane coating and others. Building projects routinely run over budget and behind schedule, but when you come to us, you can count on our ability to get the job done on time and for the right price.

Contact us now at (323) 264-4403 to learn more about our services and to request a quote.

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